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March sees the start of the much awaited 2018 BSB racing season for JG Speedfit. A chance to make amends for missing the title in 2017, when the title went down to the wire, but unfortunately the team had a bad last round and lost the championship by just six points.

“For 2018, we have worked so hard on improving our package to ensure the title comes back to Dorset in October. The team has retained the same riders for the campaign with the unlucky Leon Haslam and Luke Mossey looking for glory in 2018 on the short circuits, Local Ringwood rider James Hillier remains on board for his 10th season with the team and nothing but IOM TT podiums and wins will do for the team and James,” said Pete Extance, JG Speedfit.

“The team has all new Carbon fibre fairings for 2018 and we couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with Wicked Coatings to prepare and paint them. The team has enjoyed support from Wicked for over five years now and we are so pleased knowing the bikes will look superb both in the pit garage and on the track. There is slightly new livery to see for 2018 so keep you eyes peeled for plenty of podium positions from our Wicked Coatings supported machines. Massive thanks to Chris and Lyle and all at Wicked Coatings,” added Pete.

Wicked Coatings proudly sponsors JG Speedfit Kawasaki for the fifth year, providing painted fairings for their bikes.

JG Speedfit Kawasaki have had incredible start to the 2017 BSB season with 5 wins from the first 6 races and without a doubt this couldn’t be possible without our super sponsors and non-more so than Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset,” said Pete Extance from Bournemouth Kawasaki.

“They are our sponsors of the fantastic paintwork that looks so striking on these Kawasaki machines, every decal and panel is painted and lacquered to the highest quality and looks both superb on the track and on the TV, there is no doubt we are winning in the races and certainly winning on the stunning look of our bikes. Massive thanks to Chris, Lyle and all at Wicked Coatings.”

The JG Speedfit Kawasaki team, based in Bournemouth, are currently at the top of the team leader board, with riders in positions 1 and 2 in the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship.

THE BIKE: Harley-Davidson V-Rod muscle Huayra
THE PROCESS: Hydro dipping

The V-Rod muscle is a hell of a bike by anyones standards. When the owner of this particular model decided to upgrade his custom built ride to feature eye popping hydrographics and carbon dipping – we knew that the end result would be something special.

With 120 horsepower firing to the rear tyre and an endless number of high performance features, this beast of a bike is a slice of the American dream for any passionate biker.  However, our customer was keen to have his machine set apart on the road with a one off custom design that would ensure that his V-rod muscle was as unique on the outside as it was on the inside!

We set about applying true weave carbon dip to all the panels and then custom design masked them with Kandy red detailing and black pin-striping. The team then re-lacquered to give a stunning high end finish before hydro dipping the wheels a Kandy apple red.

If this has whetted your appetite for some hydro dipping or custom painting work for yourself then getting project started couldn’t be easier! Just get tell us about your requirements via our fast FREE QUOTE REQUEST form and we will be in touch. Alternatively, call us today on 01202 622258 if you would like to discuss things with one of our hydro dipping consultants.


So you’ve been thinking about getting some hydro dipping work done for a while…  You’ve spent some time browsing through the site, reading glowing customer feedback and maybe even had a little play with our awesome demo tool.

That’s great! You now have an idea now of what you want to have done and you are certainly in the right place.

It’s time to take the customisation bull by the horns and proceed to our FREE QUOTE REQUEST which can be submitted in less than a minute.

Simply answer a few short questions and if necessary, attach some pics of the parts that you would like coated. Your quote request will come straight through to our team of expert technicians who will cost up the job quicker than any other coatings service provider.

We will then come back to you with an extremely competitive quote and hey presto – you can proceed to posting us your part (s). If you are local to Poole, just drop in to our factory to speed things up.

Just a few things to remember:

Be sure to clean any dirt or oil off each part before you send them in to us. That way you will avoid any extra charge for cleaning.

If you are unsure of the pattern or effect that you are after then use our brilliant demo tool to experiment with some ideas!

Many of you will have seen Wicked Coatings appear on Wheeler Dealers over the course of the past few years and this is because we are at the top of our game when it comes to hydrographics and custom painting. There is certainly more choice than ever when it comes to a hydro dipping service provider – but when it comes to first class work and the highest quality of films, the smart customer goes to Wicked Coatings, every time.

Wicked Coatings. The original coatings provider – and still the best!


Earlier this summer we blogged about our awesome new demo functionality and our website wizards will shortly be adding even more sensational film designs for your pleasure!

We have had some incredible feedback about this tool so far. If you haven’t tried it for yourself then CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW – just click on what you want to customise below and get your virtual hydro dipping juices flowing:

Custom car dashboard
Custom alloy wheels
Private jet interior
Living room
Household items

Hydro dipping is an incredible way of adding an expensive looking finish to your parts at an extremely affordable price! You can really bring your hydro dipping for bathroom suiteideas to life by experimenting with the demo functionality and if you don’t like what your initial idea looks like on the screen – hey, no problem! Just take a look through all the other great film designs that are out there and get inspired…

Once you have found something that you like just get a FREE QUOTE online, send us your parts and we will do the rest.

Our hydro dipping service is second to none and the boys at Wheeler Dealers have been flying the flag for Wicked Coatings since we joined them on screen back in 2013. Give us a call on 01202 622258 if you would like to talk to one of our team but in the meantime, make sure you enjoy the demo functionality for yourself and watch out for new designs which will be added very shortly!



Over the weekend, we found ourselves chatting to a great bunch of bike enthusiasts who come to Wicked HQ every so often with a new hydrographics project. After catching up on the latest news on the circuit we continued to talk about what’s new in the land of custom coatings and quickly realised that these guys had no idea of HOW MUCH MORE Wicked Coatings do than just water transfer printing and spray painting for bikes and cars!

As masters of transformation we are incredibly keen for our customers to know about all of our services – not just the ones that originally made us famous on Wheeler Dealers back in the day! Things are changing fast at Wicked HQ – although we will never forget where we came from (and never stop producing incredible hydrographics) we also want you to known where we are heading!  Automotive hydrographics and custom spray painting for the public will always be at the centre of our business – but we are SO MUCH MORE than just that.

Perhaps it’s time to discover 3 things that you might not know about Wicked Coatings…

room-5fa229INTERIORS! We have produced some incredible results for both residential and commercial interiors. Using a number of techniques we can produce a wide range of textured and weathered finishes for walls, furniture, light switches, security panels and so much more. Incredible effects can be applied to a huge number of household items from speaker stands to glass ware.  From carbon fibre to wood grain, animal print or stone, our spray painting and water transfer expertise can help you realise your dream interior and at a fraction of the traditional cost. When it comes to injecting a little flair into your home or commercial space then you really need to call us on 01202 622258 to discuss your requirements as this is one of our specialist areas. Alternatively, have you used our new demo functionality yet to experiement with your own ideas? If not, then it’s time to go have a play..

SPORTING EQUIPMENT! Some of our best and funkiest work has been for leisure equipment – especially in the commercial sector.  When gun-YH187 PEARL WHITERecreation Ltd approached us to design a new “Toxic”  model for their Razor Crazy Cart line, we were only too happy to oblige. Catch up on the full story here – these things are insanely fun to ride by the way…  As a leading licensed applicator for Realtree camo we can apply a huge number of awesome RealTree camo water transfer patterns to guns, helmets, games consoles, binoculars, camping equipment and literally any kind of sporting equipment. Don’t waste your money on looking for the finished product in the shops – be UNIQUE and come to Wicked Coatings for some individual customisation. If you are a manufacturer, swing across to our commercial website and check out the services that our ISO:9001 accredited team can offer the recreational sector.

camo water transfer printing for consoleELECTRONICS! Who doesn’t want to look cool when it comes to gaming? Got the same console as your mates? Forget it! Go bigger than that and have your own console or keyboard customised by us! Check out what we can do when it comes to electronics, it will literally blow your mind. Camo, carbon fibre, ganja leaf, skulls, abstract, animal print, snakeskin – we could go on but why not check out our gallery for yourself and get in contact when you are ready to kickstart your customisation! For high volume production, we work with manufacturers to produce show stopping results in our Poole facility. Call us on 01202 622258 if you have a commercial requirement and we will be delighted to assist.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We are also hard at work within the aviation industry to produce some never seen before interior solutions for commercial airlines as well as refurbs and refits for private jets. If you have any kind of commercial or industrial coatings requirement then jump across to our commercial website and see how we can help.

Back to the factory we go now – over and out!



How many hours have you wasted imagining what a certain look or design COULD look like but never quite had the guts to put your ideas to the test?

Hey – we’re not judging though! It takes considerable bravery to commit to customisation, especially when the end result may not be the show stopping look that you had in mind…

Its pretty hard to get it right 100% of the time and choosing the wrong pattern or colour scheme can be a costly mistake to put right – or an irritating eye sore for you to have to endure for the foreseeable future!

Bearing this in mind, our pretty awesome tech team have been beavering away in the background to create new Website functionality that will PASS CONTROL TO YOU, OUR CUSTOMER, so that you can experiment  to your hearts content before putting your hard earned cash on the line.

For those of you who haven’t already seen it – take a jump across to our incredible new DEMO TOOL that will  hand the controls over to you! Go mad with carbon fibre and a wide range of awesome hydrographics patterns and see what effect you will get on any number of things – from bikes, custom alloy wheels and jetskis to helmets, guns and household items. Even your living room or bathroom can be revolutionised with our new demo functionality and if you are lucky enough to have a private jet tucked away behind your ear – well what the heck –  you can customise that too!

For a little more inspiration before you get started why not spend some time in our new customery gallery that has recently been expanded with thousands of new images from awesome projects we have done.

When you are ready to proceed with a new project we will be waiting to help you bring your hydrographics fantasties to life!  Just request your quote online today or call us on 01202 622258 to speak to one of our experts.



Last weekend saw the Quattro Plant Muc-Off Kawasaki team get their 2016 Isle of Man TT Races campaign underway with James Hillier contesting six races.

The third fastest rider in the history of the event, the 31-year old now has one win and six podiums to his name around the Mountain Course and last year saw him claim second in the Senior, third in the Superbike and a close fourth in the Superstock and second Supersport races. Indeed, he finished all six of his races inside the top six, including another podium in the Lightweight race and with a scintillating lap of 132.414mph in the Senior, he was only beaten by John McGuinness.

Hillier comes into the TT riding for Pete Extance’s Bournemouth-based team for the seventh consecutive year and since their first year together in 2010, they’ve had an impressive record, only failing to finish just two of the 33 races they’ve started. The last four years have seen them finish every race inside the top ten.

“Last year was a good year for me and it’s all about trying to win a big bike race now. I’ve done pretty much everything else at the TT but win one,” says James “I’ve won the Lightweight race, taken podiums in the big bikes races and lapped at more than 132mph but my aim is to win a big bike race for sure. I’ve done my apprenticeship and have worked my way up so feel confident that I can do it.”

James’ preparation for the TT didn’t go to plan recently at the North West 200 when a crash in Saturday’s Superstock race left him slightly concussed and he had to sit out the remaining races but, apart from the spill, he showed his competitiveness throughout with some strong results.
Now back to 100% fitness, James will also be a favourite in the Lightweight TT race, and having competed in every race since the class was introduced in 2012, he has the phenomenal record of never having finished lower than second with a win in 2013 and runner-up places in 2012, 2014 and 2015 whilst he also set a new lap record last year at 120.848mph.

“Apart from the crash, obviously, I was pretty happy with how the North West went. In terms of the racing, all of the bikes were good, which I knew they would be, and we there or thereabouts in every class. I felt competitive and pleased with my own riding so I’m just ready for the TT now.”
Team owner Pete Extance added: “We have a tremendous relationship with James and he’s like part of the family so we’re all eagerly looking forward to the TT. It’s been a highly successful partnership thus far and James has given us some excellent results around the Mountain Course, including our first TT win in 2012. He again demonstrated his capabilities last year with three podiums and that stunning 132mph so lap so we’re all quietly confident that more of the same can be achieved this time around.”

James has a busy fortnight ahead of him riding the Kawasaki ZX-10R in the Superbike, Senior and Superstock races, the Kawasaki ZX-6R in the two Supersport encounters and the ER6 650cc Kawasaki in the Lightweight race, which has been increased from three laps to four for 2016.
Practice got underway last Saturday 28th May with the first race, the six-lap Superbike TT, scheduled to get underway at 11.00am this Saturday 4th June.

Its always nice to receive GREAT FEEDBACK about your company and at Wicked HQ, we are very lucky to have a fantastic customer base, always keen to share pictures and stories about how well their customisation has been received.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had a flood of positive comments coming through to us via the Website so we wanted to blow our own horn a little and put it out there for everyone to see. This blog post is dedicated to our customers – be you past, present or future. Many thanks for taking the time to come back to us with this excellent feedback and we look forward to working with you again.

Take a look at what we receive on an almost daily basis…

Project type: A custom maade plaque and a set of wiper blades
Customer: Alex Godrey

This was my first time using this type of work. Wasnt sure to start with but the process was so easy from the quote to shipping and receving my new dipped parts. Came out brilliant and adds a neat touch to the car. Would use again, just got to figure out what to do next.

Project type: Truck grille painted
Customer: Jason Blank

I asked Wicked to re-spray a 10 year old truck grille with a custom colour. They did it perfectly and were very professional to work with. Quality of work was excellent and I would definitely use Wicked Coatings again and recommend to friends.

Project type: Mirrors & bonnet trim carbon dipped
Customer: Iain Adamson

First class work. Expectations of quality were high and when the parts were returned to me they were even better than I had anticipated. The finish is flawless and polished to a mirror finish. The badge looks fantastic coated in carbon and the direction of the fibre on all parts complements each other perfectly. Will definitely use wicked coatings again and can’t recommend them enough.

Project type: Carbon dipping for rear mudguard
Customer: Geoff Young

Very pleased with what’s been an excellent job. Workmanship first class, the bike will look fantastic and once again folks at the TT in Isle of Man will be asking where it was done. Very happy to tell them

Project Type:  Peugeot RCZ: Interior bits, engine bits, rear wing, canards
Customer: Steven Ansell

Can’t say enough about the results and the customer service. Professional throughout the process. Will definitely recommend to friends.


Wow – such great feedback – thanks very much guys. We really do value customer service at Wicked HQ as well as providing first class coatings results!

If you would like to chat with one of our team then give us a call on 01202 622258 or contact us online!

Over and out.


My experience was one of excellent communication and quality of service. Great overall experience and turnaround times.

Will definitely use you again and recommend to friends. So pleased with the finish.

Many thanks

THE BIKE: Suzuki GSX 1400
THE PROCESS: Hydrographics and carbon dipping

Last month we were happy to be working again on a bike that we have come to know quite well due to it’s owners committment to awesome customisation.  Several years ago, this Suzuki GSx 1400 underwent a complete change of colour with particular attention paid to the tank, tailpiece, front mudguard and side panels.

Following a small accident involving a stray torque wrench which damaged the fuel tank, it was decided that some further Hydrographics work was in order. We decided to focus on the fuel tank and matching tail piece this time and really tailor the colour scheme to the character of the Suzuki.

“Venom” hydrographics film was selected and the previous oriental blue colour was replaced with cobalt blue – a shade that we agreed was far more suited to the bike. At the same time, the fuel injection covers were carbon dipped to match all previously dipped items including the front mudguard, side panels (upper and lowers), front sprocket cover and engine covers.

Here’s what our customer had to say following completion of the customisation:

“I have only been out on it a few times since the latest work was done but it always gets a lot of attention and admiring looks. I went to Bransons open day in Yeovil last month and it was getting as much attention as Leon Haslam sat on a Kawasaki H2R, even Leon himself came over and commented on it. 

More recently I went to the MAG show in Salisbury city centre mainly just for a ride in the sun and to have a look round the other bikes and grab a coffee or two and very surprisingly got presented with a trophy after my bike was voted “Best In Show”, I didn’t even know the bikes were being judged so not bad as there were around a 1000 bikes in the city being judged!”

If you would like something similar for your own bike or have any form of customisation project in mind then give our team a call on 01202 622258 today or contact us online!





The London Coffee Festival is an annual celebration of all that is coffee, from the finest of beans to the most luxurious of coffee related gadgetry!

Our nation seems to have a growning obsession with the stuff and you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that we now have a UK Coffee week – for which the London Coffee Festival is the offical launch event.

Bearing this in mind, the team at Wicked Coatings HQ were interested to see what kind of things could be done to make a coffee machine, cooler than cool. We decided to work in conjunction with a top manufacturer of Italian espresso making equipment to produce a one of a kind machine to be displayed at this years festival.

With 30,488 visitors attending the show, we were keen for the coffee machine to really make an impact. Afterall, considering the number of people who enjoy a morning coffee, the aesthetics of the machinery that makes it should only add to the whole experience?

Following lengthy discussion, our hydrographics crack team in Poole came up with an incredible design that not only stole the show but attracted a crowd of coffee fanastics – desperate for some selfie action with the unique machine!

The final effect was created by using a pearl white base with sticker bomb water transfer printing. Our client was delighted with the customisation and the attention that it generated at the festival. Here’s what they had to say:

“We thought you would like to see some pictures of the machine that you customised the panels for. There is no question that the machine was the most pictured machine at the London Coffee Festival.

We went to the show on Saturday and there was a constant line of people just taking pictures and/or posing by the machine. We really loved the quality of the work done and appreciate that you pulled out all of the stops to make this happen in such tight time frames. I’m sure this will be leading to further work and new customisation ideas!”