Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic ceramic coatings provide the ultimate customisation and protection for exhaust and motor parts that are subject to high temperatures. As a specialist supplier of Cerakote, the industry leader in high temperature ceramic coating for cars, Wicked Coatings delivers unique quality.

Looking for a high temperature coatings?

As a ceramic-based finish, Cerakote ensures abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as improving the strength and hardness of a component. Enhancing the qualities of metals, plastics, polymers and wood, Cerakote is a decorative coating that can be used for automotive, motorcycles, boats, or pretty-much anything you desire that are subject to high temperature coatings.

Able to handle extreme temperatures, making Cerakote an ideal ceramic coating for cars or bike exhausts and other motor parts. You can see the test results on the Cerakote website.

Wicked Coatings ceramic coating application

Blast cleaning

Cerakote is usually applied to metal, so in order to sufficiently prepare the substrate for application, Wicked Coatings offers an abrasive blasting service. Through blasting, the component is taken back to the original metal to ensure tight adherence.

Ceramic coating application

The Cerakote is sprayed directly onto the original material. The application is fast to dry and the whole process is fairly fast to complete.

Ceramic coating options

A vast array of colours is available to suit your requirements, and a Cerakote Clear layer can be applied on top of hydrographics, allowing for additional protection qualities.

Wicked Coatings prides itself on offering the best quality and finish, so offers ceramic coating using the leading brand in the industry – Cerakote.