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With ISO:9001 accreditation and widely recognised as the UK’s leading provider of industrial, protective and decorative coatings – Wicked Coatings is a centre of excellence within the specialist custom coatings industry.


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Water transfer & carbon dipping experts

Known to be the industry leaders, trust Wicked Coatings to personalise your items from automotive parts to sporting goods and household items.

Wicked Coatings
Wicked Coatings – The UK’s Custom Coatings Specialist!

Wicked Coatings – The UK’s Custom Coatings Specialist!

Whether you wish to create eye-catching parts for your prized motor, or dream of dramatic finishes for your sporting equipment, here at Wicked Coatings we can produce unique custom coatings results. Combining your aspirations with our in-depth expertise, we pride ourselves in being able to customise pretty much anything.

Harnessing a combination of hydrographics and professional custom paint spraying techniques, we produce unique finishes onto a vast range of goods and surfaces. From metals to plastics, wood to glass – the sky is the limit! Just have a look at our inspirational gallery or view our full range of hydrographic films and chemicals for ideas.

Quality hydrographic and paint spraying finish

As Wicked Coatings is an ISO:9001 quality management accredited company, you can be sure that the standard of our finish and quality of our work is second to none. We are able to produce a beautifully finished, flawless product, to your personalised specification with a quick turnaround and delivery.

We’re passionate about hydrographics and by ‘wicked-ifying’ we can change your product into your own piece of art. Why not take the next step towards extreme ‘Wicked Customisation’ now!

Hydrographics is also known in many ways: water transfer printing, carbon dipping, camo dipping, custom dipping, immersion printing, liquid printing, curve coating, cubic printing, or 3D printing.

Wicked Coatings
Wicked Coatings – The UK’s Custom Coatings Specialist!

Custom Paint Spraying

Custom paint spraying is a method of spraying a colour pigment onto a metal or non-metal component of any shape or size, giving a superb smooth, durable finish.

We carry out numerous commercial custom paint spraying services for various industries such as: avionic, military, marine, prestige automotive, medical and more. Our experience in completing larger batches of items for OEM manufacturers is something we are very proud of. We can apply materials that conform to the strictest of standards, whether your items need to meet FDA, MOD standards, or any other certification, we can deliver superb results.

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