Professionally preparing surfaces with bead, grit, and shot blasting specialists is absolutely critical – Wicked Coatings’ expertise will blast you away.

At Wicked Coatings we pride ourselves on the quality of our facilities, the expertise of our team, and most importantly, our extensive bead and shot blasting experience for consumers and businesses in the marine, military, automotive, and aerospace industries.

As the demand for our services continues to escalate – so too does the continued investment in our equipment. We have a bead blast facility, as well as a heavy industry grit blasting bay.

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The abrasive blasting service from Wicked Coatings

Prior to the expert application of a protective coating, it is essential that the surface area of the component is professionally prepared. Depending on the type of surface treatment that is required, the blasting team in our Poole based facility, will work with a variety of mediums and high quality blasting equipment to achieve the desired surface profile.

Before blasting starts, humidity, steel temperature and dew points measurements are carried out to ensure that the environmental conditions are adequate for optimal blasting. If requested ‘Salt tests’ using ‘Bresel Patches‘ can be done to determine the quantity of salt on the steel before blast. If it is too high, we are able to wash and then re-test to ensure results are optimal before proceeding to blast.

The blasting process

Having selected the correct blasting medium, which can range from steel grit to glass beads – the abrasive will then be propelled through a high tech blast nozzle, using the appropriate level of pressure to produce the required finish. After the blasting process is finished, the part gets painted within NACE & ICorr recommended times to avoid flash rusting.

The operation of blasting is used to:

  • Deliver a high quality preparation before the application of a surface coating
  • Remove unsightly corrosion including rust, scale or redundant paintwork before welding
  • Add surface texturing to a finished product including roughened or matte results

The standard of the blast room facility at Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset is exemplary and suitable for almost every blasting requirement. Our team will undertake blast cleaning for a huge variety of substrates including:

  • Mild Steel
  • Cast and Cast irons
  • Steel with tensile strengths in excess of 1400mpa
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastics

During abrasive recovery, a self cleaning filter and extraction process removes all dust and contaminants to ensure that the shot or grit abrasive is ‘good as new’ before being used again.

Our expert blasters always work in a team of two, to ensure that a consistent level of health and safety is maintained, and enabling one person to blast, whilst the other ‘potman’ is free to keep the hopper full and make sure that the blast pot is working properly.

Grit blasting

Choosing the correct abrasive is vital to the success of the blasting process and ultimately the quality of the finish. In order to provide the desired surface cleanliness and adhesion for each project, we only employ the highest quality of chilled iron and aluminum oxide grit.

The process of grit blasting, or sand blast cleaning, directs a high pressured stream of sharp and angular particles onto the surface of a component. Grit blasting will remove contaminants, such as sand and scale, which is vital before the process of welding.

It can also be used to produce the optimal surface finish required for a high quality coating, offering excellent adhesion. Because grit blasting removes the layer of iron oxide which is left behind by other kinds of blast cleaning, such as bead or shot blast, this method of blasting is particularly popular among those wishing to create the ideal surface for a durable industrial coating.

Depending on the specifications of the client we can use a different sized grit to achieve a fine, course or extra course, surface profile. We can also use non metallic abrasives if the job requires, causing little to no cross contamination. Our experienced blasters are also trained to flash blast aluminium, as a softer metal it has to be blasted a certain way by a skilled technician.

Glass bead blasting

For a soft, smooth and bright finish, glass bead blasting is an environmentally friendly option that is popular with clients seeking to achieve a satin or matte uniform finish without dimensional change to the component. This predominantly stainless steel, metal preparation process is carried out by a team of experienced blasting professionals in our high tech Poole facility in Dorset.

The beauty of bead blasting is that it allows surface contaminants, such as rust or paint, to be removed without causing damage to the substrate and it actually strengthens the metal, leaving behind no residue or troublesome embedded matter. It is a far less aggressive process than grit or shot blasting. Whereas the process of grit blasting uses a sharp, angular abrasive, the glass beads used as the medium for bead blasting are able to produce a much smoother and brighter finish which can often offer superior corrosion resistance.

Our specialist bead blasting cabinet is capable of precision blasting small delicate parts.

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