Powder Coating

Powder coating delivers a custom finish whilst protecting metal against daily wear and tear.

More durable than wet spray paint, powder coating offers increased resistance to corrosion, scratches, wear & tear, chipping, and fading.

Powder coating allows you to add your own style to your item. Wicked Coatings can deliver pretty much any colour, including custom colours, with a range of finishes, such as textured, gloss or hammered.

From railings, gates and balconies, to car and motorbike parts, tools or any metal components you handle in everyday life, powder coating is the ideal coating for a wide range of metal substrates.

All finished with the care and quality you would expect from Wicked Coatings.

Powder Coating Process


If required, preparation of the metal substrate to remove all dirt and grease in preparation for the coating. Blasting removes anything that could affect the quality of the coating finish.

Powder coating

The powder is applied via an electrostatic machine, which electrically charges the dry powder to attach it to the metal object. This creates a uniform, high-quality coating in the colour and finish of your choice.


The item is then baked at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, to set the powder coating, creating a tough finish.

Environmentally Aware

A preferred coating for the manufacturing sector, powder coating contains no solvents and do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Quality Finish

Wicked Coatings prides itself on delivering a service and quality of work that is second to none. ISO:9001 accredited in quality management, Wicked Coatings’ knowledgeable staff meet customised requirements, with quick turnaround times and outstanding finishes.

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