A Wicked Return to Wheeler Dealers 2014!

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Who could possibly resist the TV gold that is Wheeler Dealers?

The unshakable enthusiasm of Mike Brewer and his trusty mechanic  Edd China is enough to inspire even the most amateur of car enthusiasts to roll up their sleeves and get under the nearest bonnet!


With a new series that returned to our screens on March 17th, Wheeler Dealer fans are being treated to a smorgasbord of new material with some incredible classic cars being brought back to life by savvy restoration.



If you tuned into the latest episode on March 31st, those with a keen eye will have noticed that yet again, Wicked Coatings was chosen as Mike Brewer’s preferred Water Transfer Printing Company to work on his RX7 project.

Following our appearance on Wheeler Dealers in March of 2013, we were pretty chuffed to be invited back onto the show for 2014. The increasing demand for water transfer printing has not gone unnoticed by the canny Mr. Brewer and as a stickler for quality, he was insistent on using the best professional Hydrographics team in the UK!

Having worked with Mike before we knew what a great laugh we would have on set – he is exactly as he appears on the programme, a real motor enthusiast and genuinely good bloke.

With filming stretching from 8am to 5pm, it was certainly more in depth than our last cameo on the show and allowed us time to really get involved with the restoration of the Mazda RX8 that Mike had brought to us.

We painted the wheel rims and centres orange and then got to work on the Hydrographics, using a Boa snake skin water transfer on the wing mirrors and rear spoiler.

Mike was delighted not only with the final results but also the exceptional value of the customisation – approximately £650 for a stunning facelift that made sure he didn’t have to work too hard to get a top price for the RX7!

After the project was finished, Mike and Edd kindly invited the Wicked Coatings team to be his guests at the Used Car Awards show.  A couple of bloopers from our day of filming were even included in a Wheeler Dealers outtake film that was shown at the ceremony.

If you managed to catch the episode then it would be great to hear from you – get in touch with any questions or comments here or via our social pages on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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After all, if the discerning Wheeler Dealer has come knocking on our door twice then you will certainly be in good company…