Rod & Eden King – Water Transfer Printing on Body Mouldings for Wheelchair

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Dear Chris,

I thought you would be interested in a photo of Eden in her new wheelchair with her ‘wicked’ body mouldings. (Eden is the one on the left!)

She is completely over the moon with the colour (as we all are) and everybody who sees the chair says ‘what a wicked colour’ where did you get that done.

Eden KingSo your company name is certainly getting some good press from us and anybody we speak to…keep up the great work and thanks for putting such a big smile on our daughters face and helping her feel very special.

Please feel free to show the photo to anybody who was involved with producing the body colour for Eden and if you wish me to send you some more photos of the chair without Eden for you website then let me know and I can certainly send some across.

Once again, many thanks.

Rod King