Ultimate Wheels: Episode 3

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1 x 1966 VW Camper Split Screen
2 x Maverick Car Fanatics
1 x Hydrographics Specialist
1 x Crazy Vision For Customisation

Mix well for 60 minutes to produce…………….. Episode Three of Ultimate Wheels!!!!

For those classic car traditionalists out there –  the idea of a 1966 VW camper being cranked up with a whole lot of leather, a plasma screen and a drinks bar may be just enough to have you screaming SACRILEGE at your television screen… But for the open minded motor enthusiasts out there – this episode is all about showing what can be achieved as the flamboyant Elo and his maverick mechanic take risks that no other series has yet to attempt!

So it was with great excitement that the Wicked Coatings crew trekked to London in order to meet up with the famous Elo at the London Motor Museum (which he owns).  After discussing his vision for the VW camper in more detail and bringing a number of samples for him to choose from, Elo made it very clear that there would be no room for chrome in his outlandish plans for the camper!! Instead, he opted for a total wood effect throughout – choosing one of our popular wood grain patterns.

We headed back to the factory and got to work – and boy did we have a lot to coat! Bumpers, window trims, door handles, locks, various interior parts too – you name it, we coated it!

The results were pretty insane and it was a blast to be involved in the project. Customisation is what we live and breathe and so it was wickedly good fun to be working with Elo and helping to bring his eccentric brief to life!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next appearance on the series later this month….