Ultimate Wheels: Reinventing the car restoration genre as you know it!

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Ultimate Wheels is a brand new car restoration series that is re-writing the rules when it comes to crazy and unique customisation.

Due to hit our screens on the 17th April at 9pm on the History UK channel, this addictively quirky show has been tipped to capture the imagination of motor enthusiasts as incredibly rare and iconic cars are treated to one-off transformations.

Based on the History channel’s popular vehicle restoration show “Counting Cars,” Ultimate Wheels is brought to us by the flamboyant owner of the London Motor Museum, Mai Elo and his mechanical mastermind Will Trickett.

These guys are clearly insane when it comes to the sheer scale of customisation that they commit to and it’s this fresh level of craziness that will set the series apart from traditional restoration programmes!

In eight 60 minute episodes, Will and Elo will treat us to a feast of modification projects – from precious bargain supercars like the 1989 Ferrari 412 to vintage campervans and even a little mustang muscle!

In a series that will undoubtedly become famous for taking restoration to the next level – it seems only appropriate that Wicked Coatings will be invited to play their part… So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the masters of customisation to make their appearance not only once but TWICE on the show!

We are bound to secrecy in terms of the jobs that we do but it is safe to say that the true car enthusiasts among you will not want to miss this series.  After all, it’s not every day that a Mexican supercar prototype is transformed into the Ultimate Bat Mobile!