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Our demo functionality is currently the gold standard in virtual hydrographics! Try it now for yourself and you will be blown away in seconds. You dream it up – we bring it to reality. If you have a project in mind just click below to start your very own demo:

Custom car dashboards
Custom alloy wheels
Private jet
Household items
Living Room

We have recently added thousands of new images to our project gallery which should give you plenty of inspiration for planning your own hydrographics or custom painting project. From automotive interiors & exteriors to incredible alloy wheels and engine bays, guns, games consoles and household items – you name it, we’ve done it.

Finally, were you aware that Wicked Coatings is currently doing some amazing things in the field of  industrial coatings? As well as creating sensational customisation for the public sector we have a specialist team who are hard at work painting components for oil rigs, state of the art medical machinery and injecting some serious flair into the aviation industry with some never seen before cabin coatings.

We are working with some incredible commercial players to produce outstanding and never seen before coatings for the aviation, marine, military medical and interior design industry.

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