Recent Projects September 2014

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THE PROCESS:  Complete paint job
THE TIME: 3 Weeks
THE PRICE: Approx £7,000

The AC Cobra is an iconic piece of motoring history having been specifically designed with two things in mind: To house a V8 and ultimately, to be heralded as a “corvette-beater.” This mission was spectacularly achieved in  1963 when the gutsy cobra recorded its first ever victory having stormed past a field of Jaguars, Porsches and Maseratis!

We love a car with a plucky history so when our custom painting services were required for an epic AC Cobra build from scratch we were honoured to assist. This massive job took us three weeks to complete and required extensive and thorough preparation so that components were perfectly primed and ready for painting. The brand new fibre glass shell that we were working with was then painted in a dark metallic grey with a Candy Apple Red lacquer to add vibrancy and shine. Having spent invested both time, money and a whole lot of passion into this project, our customer was absolutely delighted with the final results and raring to get behind the wheel!