Recent Projects May 2015

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THE CAR: DDR Motorsport GT4 Mclaren F1 replica kit car

THE PROCESS: Carbon dipping

Popular since the 1950’s, kit cars are certainly not a new phenomenon. But what can be achieved with a little prowess is literally mind blowing.

Fast forward over 60 years and the results that are now being achieved by passionate kit car enthusiasts with a desire for the exotic, are beyond impressive. The beauty of replica kit cars is that they allow motorists to have a little slice of the super car pie without the crippling price tag! What’s more – the build is something of a labour of love for many. However – there is one thing that nearly all kit car enthusiasts will agree on. Without careful planning and a lot of restraint – the cost can get a little out of hand to say the least.

James Shipperly – the lucky chap who stands beside this month’s project and calls it his own, came to us in February with great vision and a shrewd plan to bring the project home within his budget. Having discovered the process of hydrographics online – his research led him (understandably) to Wicked HQ where we were delighted to discuss his options.

Being local to Poole made it easier for him to pay a visit to the factory floor – to see where the magic happens and gain a little inspiration from some of the effects on show. James has since mentioned to us that: ” Once I had seen the quality of the work in person my mind was made up before I even had all the parts.” With such a perceptive customer, we were sure that this kit car build was going to be one to remember….;)

Having talked through hydrographics in general and the considerable merits of carbon dipping, James was keen to press forward and start the process that would bring an authentic look to parts throughout the car. Our brief was to carbon dip the wheels, front splinter and head light surrounds to add a little flair and a lot of “expense” to the overall effect of the kit car.

James has been kind enough to send in some sensational shots of the finished car and the Wicked team was delighted to see it bigged up in “Complete Kit Car” mag last month in a sweet little 5 page feature. His final thoughts are here:

” I was incredibly impressed with the service from Wicked Coatings and also the pricing compared to even normal wheel refurbishment.  The quality spoke for itself when I went to collect the parts. Everyone who sees the finish is always amazed by what was achieved.”