Recent Projects June 2014

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The Car: R33 GTR
The Process: Carbon Fibre Dipping
The Time: Two weeks
The Price: Approx £750

Who wouldn’t relish the prospect of customising a truly legendary 4th generation Japanese supercar? Let’s not forget that Jeremy Clarkson has dubbed this as “one of the best cars in the world.” The pressure was on and we were raring to go….

In January 2014 this very R33 GTR was featured in Banzai magazine and its owner, Donald Walker, has been vigilant in maintaining the look of the car with frequent annual modifications.  He was especially hopeful to have it ready in time for the Scottish Car Show in July and so we were keen to hit our deadline and produce some spectacular results for him.

Donald is a veteran when it comes to hydrographics and custom painting and for this project he was especially keen for us to employ some sensational carbon dipping for the following components:

HKS roll-cage
Scuttle tray
Rear nissan badge
Bonnet struts
Interior trim
Fan shroud


With the exception of the roll-cage (which proved to be a little trickier than the other parts!) the work was straightforward and took around two weeks to complete. We were delighted with the results and Donald kindly sent us some great pictures of the fully fitted car and a glowing testimonial for our legendary dipping services!

Customisation in any shape or form is pretty wicked – but with the classic history of the GTR model and an especially decent bloke as its owner, we were all in agreement at Wicked HQ that this was undoubtedly the stand out project of the month!

IMG_4981_LR IMG_4973_LRIMG_4949_LR IMG_4878_LR