Recent Projects July 2014

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THE BIKE: Brand new 2014 KTM Super Duke
THE PROCESS:  Carbon dipping and custom spray painting
THE TIME: 4 weeks
THE PRICE: Approx £1,000

“The Best Wheels We Have Ever Done!”

Each month brings a new set of challenges to our team on the factory floor – from super cars to games consoles, the customisation that is required can vary tremendously.  That’s why we love Hydrographics – no day is ever the same and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

July has certainly been no exception to this rule as we were faced with a particularly intense and time consuming dip and paint project.

A customer came to us with an interesting brief. Having seen a variety of our previous work on wheels he believed that Wicked Coatings was the specialist company he needed to fulfill his own vision.

The brief: To use a combination of carbon dipping and custom painting to mimic the KTM Super Duke prototype wheels but with a special twist.

We spent some time discussing the project across email to ensure that our suggested approach would fall in line with the customers high expectations. With a strategy in place – we headed for the factory floor to begin work…

After carbon dipping various components for the bike we set to work on the wheels.  To ensure a perfect result, it was absolutely critical that the job was carried out slowly and methodically.  In order to keep in line with the specific brief, we needed to painted the KTM Super Duke wheels half orange and half carbon.

As time consuming projects go, this was undoubtedly one of the toughest – but ultimately it was worth every painstaking minute as the finished look was nothing short of spectacular!

Shortly after the job was finished we were discussing the results and a unanimous decision was made at Wicked HQ – these were ‘the best wheels that we have ever done at Wicked Coatings. Period!”