Recent Projects August 2014

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THE BIKE: Triumph Street Rocket
THE PROCESS: Carbon dipping and custom spray painting
THE TIME: Two Weeks
THE PRICE: Approx £2,000

The Triumph Street Rocket. WHAT. A. BIKE. Classic lines, awesome torque and an undeniably menacing presence on the road!

When we heard that we would be working on this project the team was pretty excited to say the least. Little did we know that the finished result of this project would go on to win numerous shows for best paint and best engineering this year..

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and so we have decided to illustrate this project in a series of images.

The photos start at the beginning of the project and take us through the following stages:

  • Preparation
  • Priming
  • Base coat application
  • Masked for dip
  • Dipped/dipping
  • Masked for 2nd stage dipping
  • Dipping
  • Set up for laquer

Moving on to the finishing stages…

  • Circuit board design stripe running through the centre of the bike
  • Finished in a custom mixed kandy green lacquer.
  • Bordering the centre stripe are specra flare pin stripes.
  • Then the edges of the tank and panels are finished in gloss carbon fibre
  • With the TRIUMPH and STREET ROCKET logos showing through the carbon in the green circuit board finish.

Finally, the custom belly pan and mudguard are finished in Kandy green honey comb effect.

Exhausting, frustrating at times, but worth every last paint stroke because the finished result is STILL winning awards and will be on show at the Southern Motor show on the 15th, 16th and 17th August.

If you need an excuse to come and join us then tell the Mrs that there will also be food and gift stands, a funfair and “the one and only” MC STALLION will be playing late into the night!! You cannot afford to miss this event so come and see this incredible bike at The Showground, Five Heads Road, Horndean in Hampshire, Po8 9NZ!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the transformation of this brutal machine!!!!