Recent Projects April 2016

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THE BIKE: Suzuki GSX 1400
THE PROCESS: Hydrographics and carbon dipping

Last month we were happy to be working again on a bike that we have come to know quite well due to it’s owners committment to awesome customisation.  Several years ago, this Suzuki GSx 1400 underwent a complete change of colour with particular attention paid to the tank, tailpiece, front mudguard and side panels.

Following a small accident involving a stray torque wrench which damaged the fuel tank, it was decided that some further Hydrographics work was in order. We decided to focus on the fuel tank and matching tail piece this time and really tailor the colour scheme to the character of the Suzuki.

“Venom” hydrographics film was selected and the previous oriental blue colour was replaced with cobalt blue – a shade that we agreed was far more suited to the bike. At the same time, the fuel injection covers were carbon dipped to match all previously dipped items including the front mudguard, side panels (upper and lowers), front sprocket cover and engine covers.

Here’s what our customer had to say following completion of the customisation:

“I have only been out on it a few times since the latest work was done but it always gets a lot of attention and admiring looks. I went to Bransons open day in Yeovil last month and it was getting as much attention as Leon Haslam sat on a Kawasaki H2R, even Leon himself came over and commented on it. 

More recently I went to the MAG show in Salisbury city centre mainly just for a ride in the sun and to have a look round the other bikes and grab a coffee or two and very surprisingly got presented with a trophy after my bike was voted “Best In Show”, I didn’t even know the bikes were being judged so not bad as there were around a 1000 bikes in the city being judged!”

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