Protective Coating Finishes

Providing high performance coatings to aviation, military and marine sectors is an area of focus for Wicked Coatings. We fully understand the importance of having a high performance coating that will endure extreme temperatures and environments. We use protective coating paints on components for various industries and cater for specific custom requirements.

Protection and durability are paramount. That’s why we ensure that all of our wet spray work is carried out to the highest standards, using industry specific protective coating finishes. If you require your paint finish to be of a certain specification we are able to apply wet spray coatings that conform to any standard necessary to suit your aviation, military or marine needs.

Cubic Printing Finishes For Interiors

Give the interior of your aeroplane or boat a brand new grandiose design, or simply freshen up old tired interiors with cubic printing.

Cubic PrintingCubic printing, more commonly known as hydrographics or water transfer printing, is a method of transferring a patterned film onto 3D objects; this highly durable and diverse method of customisation is an ideal way to give plane and boat interiors a new lease of life.

Choose from our range of sleek wood grain effect designs, or add a luxurious feel to your interiors with our revolutionary Honky ‘Soft Touch’ paint. An amazing paint that gives a finish that oozes class, whilst offering great durability! View our vast range of cubic printing films for inspiration.

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