Porsche GT4

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Dear Hannah and Lyle,

I have not contacted you back since the parts were shipped back to NL and reassembled on the car, as I have been busy and the car just stayed in my garage also for quite a while. I wanted to give you my feedback once I have taken few pictures on a nice day and could send them to you. The result of the carbon finish on all the parts and particularly visible on the rear wing is just outstanding, incredible, awesome, and stunning. I was speechless when I saw them mounted on my GT4, and so was my Porsche dealer when I stopped-by to show him the car.

I am so happy to have discovered Wicked Coatings and would like to express all my appreciation not only for the result but also for your valuable support and advice from the design selection to the end product and customer focused service.

I will definitely not hesitate to highly recommend Wicked Coatings and I will certainly contact you back if I need to process some more parts.