An Interview With Pete Creswell: General Preparation Technician at Wicked Coatings

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We are proud to say that each one of our staff is unique in terms of expertise, experience and above all else, passion for the highest level of customisation.

To be employed at Wicked Coatings, our guys are put through a rigorous interview process which ensures that only those at the top of their game will join our tight knit crew. If you would like to know more about our family at Wicked then read on to discover more about our General Preparation Technician, Pete Creswell.


Pete Creswell


A joyously lived 52

How long have you worked at Wicked Coatings:

1 year 4 months

What do you like most about your job:

I can honestly say that no day in the world of hydrographics is ever the same – each week brings new challenges and I know that I am working with a fantastic team around me. When you work with a team that is constantly making you the best you can be, its pretty cool to come to work!

Have you had anything customised yourself?:

Yes! My beloved Smart Rodster. I had the old girl custom painted shortly after joining Wicked, having seen some of the unbelievable transformations that have been made with paint spraying. I also had quite a bit of my interior dipped and my friends and family are always pestering me for a staff discount!

What is your dream ride?

Ha! It would have to be an Aston Martin.. If its good enough for Bond…

Who did you support in the 2014 World Cup Pete?

Sorry folks! Not interested in football at all (Probably a good thing you might say…)