Mercedes Benz Interior

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After seeing Wicked Coatings on Wheeler Dealers, Mark had the idea to carbon dip his Mercedes interior trim.

“I hated the aluminium trim, which looks tacky and I wanted to emulate the more expensive carbon fibre option found in the AMG 63,” said Mark.


Mark contacted Wicked Coatings and was very impressed: “The quality of the work is fantastic and the service I received was superb. I have already used Wicked Coatings again and I have recommended the service to a number of friends who have been impressed by the quality of the finish,”

“My local Mercedes dealer, who fitted the parts, was so impressed that he will refer people who require similar services.”

“The finished items are better than expected and I would thoroughly recommend Wicked Coatings to anyone who wants a quality job, at a reasonable price,” added Mark.