Liquid Car Wrap

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What would you say if we could customise your car using a pioneering technique that was easy, stress free and completely reversible?

Liquid car wrap, also known as plastic dip coating, has been gaining recognition worldwide as an incredible way to experiment with customisation without the traditional worry of commitment.

Not only does liquid spray wrap offer you the opportunity to enhance your vehicle cosmetically – it also provides an incredibly durable finish that will protect your body work from harsh weather and general wear including those pesky stone chips.  So think of it – a unique and non-permanent method of customisation that will not only make your car look the nuts, but will peel off without leaving a trace! Tempted? You should be…

The Process of Liquid Wrap

The completely reversible process of liquid car wrapping is really quite simple.
The wrap is sprayed on initially as a liquid which then sets to a perfect rubbery plastic layer. This layer will not fade in colour or distort in extreme temperatures which can sometimes be the case with the traditionally more expensive process of vinyl car wrapping.
Because liquid spray on wrap is usually peeled off in one piece, no sticky residue or unsightly pieces will be left on your vehicle.

The Benefits of Liquid Wrap

There are a huge number of benefits to liquid wraps or plastic dip coating.

  • It’s cheaper than vinyl car wrapping
  • Superior paint protection
  • Easy Removal
  • Superior longevity

If you decide to change the colour or finish then it couldn’t be easier to convert back to your original look! Check out our frequently asked questions page to discover more about the cost and timescales involved…

Why Choose Wicked Coatings

Despite the obvious benefits of liquid car wrap – if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be in trouble. To avoid disappointment (or a seriously unattractive finish) it’s always best to leave the job to an expert.  At Wicked Coatings we have the facilities, experience and expertise to create the perfect liquid car wrap – every time.

A wise man once said that only the truly brave will commit to permanent change. But in the motoring world, irreversible customisation is always a risky business.
Excitingly, we now have the technology and expertise to experiment without the worry of permanence. Don’t forget that spray wrapping is affordable, quick and guaranteed to peel off without damaging your vehicle – call us today on 01202 622258 to book your car wrap experience now!