3 Top Tips to Achieve Serious Road Envy this summer!

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It’s so good that people think I’ve spent a small fortune on having it made from real carbon.”

 “Wow – what a transformation.”

“My car interior looks the business and family and friends love it. They all want to send parts to you to coat in a similar pattern.”

If envy is one of the seven deadly sins then the friends and family of our Wicked customers are in serious trouble.

From customised dashboards to hydro dipped alloys – it doesn’t take much to create a sensational difference to the appearance of your car or bike. If you fancy turning heads this summer then why not consider one of our top tips below to create instant road envy…

  • Spruce up your bonnet and front grill

Many of our customers have received incredible feedback having had their car bonnet and front grill hydro dipped to produce an incredible, flawless carbon fibre effect. Expensive looking customisation work on such a prominent feature of your car is guaranteed to produce envious glances!

  • Liven up your alloys

It’s amazing the difference that a refurbished set of alloys can make as you notch up miles through the town. Old and tired looking alloys can really spoil the appearance of an otherwise slick looking machine. The acclaimed team at Wicked Coatings can refresh your rims with some incredible looking hydro dipping in a huge number of patterns and effects.

  • Transform your interior

Some of our most positive feedback has come from car interior hydrographics projects ranging from hydro dipped centre consoles for Aston Martins and BMWs to updated carbon fibre effect steering wheel trim and customised dashboards. This kind of hydrographics work can make a serious difference to the everyday enjoyment of your car – especially when you are carrying passengers with serious carbon fibre  envy!

If you are a hydrographics virgin but tempted to dip your toe in the water then why not give us a call on 02380 622258 to discuss your needs.  Many of our customers have begun their carbon dipping journey with just a single customised part requirement but returned with confidence having witnessed the incredible difference that professional carbon dipping can make.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages for forthcoming promotions and perhaps we will hear from your shortly with your hydrographics wish list!