Hydro Dipping Process

The hydro dipping process is extensive, requiring specialist equipment.

*please note that the below process is a simplified version of the hydro dipping application. Certain stages have not been included.

  • Repair and prime if applicable
  • Prepare your item for paint and apply base colour of your choice
  • Float a special film with your chosen design in a specialist hydro tank and carry out the dipping process
  • Once dry, apply your choice of lacquer (gloss, satin or matt)

As you will see from looking around our website, water transfer printing is very diverse, its potential applications are almost endless. We aim to provide the highest standard; the quality of our hydro dipping is unrivalled. Check out our hydro dipping gallery to see some of our work.

Our selected areas of focus include custom carbon fibre for automotive, protective coatings for military, marine, aviation, sporting goods, electrical and household, general custom coatings for industrial and medical sectors.

We pride ourselves in customer care and satisfaction. If you would like ideas for water transfer printing designs, or you have a particular requirement, big or small, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hydro Dipping…….the new way for extreme customisation, on a budget!