Recent Projects October 2016

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THE BIKE: Harley-Davidson V-Rod muscle Huayra
THE PROCESS: Hydro dipping

The V-Rod muscle is a hell of a bike by anyones standards. When the owner of this particular model decided to upgrade his custom built ride to feature eye popping hydrographics and carbon dipping – we knew that the end result would be something special.

With 120 horsepower firing to the rear tyre and an endless number of high performance features, this beast of a bike is a slice of the American dream for any passionate biker.  However, our customer was keen to have his machine set apart on the road with a one off custom design that would ensure that his V-rod muscle was as unique on the outside as it was on the inside!

We set about applying true weave carbon dip to all the panels and then custom design masked them with Kandy red detailing and black pin-striping. The team then re-lacquered to give a stunning high end finish before hydro dipping the wheels a Kandy apple red.

If this has whetted your appetite for some hydro dipping or custom painting work for yourself then getting project started couldn’t be easier! Just get tell us about your requirements via our fast FREE QUOTE REQUEST form and we will be in touch. Alternatively, call us today on 01202 622258 if you would like to discuss things with one of our hydro dipping consultants.