Wicked Gun Camo Dipping….Are You Tempted?

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Real camo dipped rifle

Real camo dipped rifle

The weather is slowly improving and you’ve dusted off your camouflage trousers, jacket and funny looking balaclava.

Your trusty Butler Creek flip-up scope covers and Leupold binoculars are at the ready.  So what’s missing?

Well…. How about the process that you never knew existed or thought was too expensive – getting your private collection or commercial stock camouflaged by the UK’s leading  professionals in camo dipping.

Before we go into the process, this is what professional shot Nigel Street had to say about Wicked Coatings after we created some bespoke rifle camo on his gun stock : “..words cannot come close to how overwhelmed I am at the quality of workmanship and final result.”

Check out the pictures of his stock on our website here. You will be amazed at how cost effective and durable this dipping solution is.  As well as the red skulls design chosen by Nigel, there are numerous other customisation options –  check out our wide range of camo designs by viewing the gun camo dipping gallery on our website.

In terms of the process, it really couldn’t be simpler. Just send us an email with a photo of your product or stock to be dipped and we will come back to you with a quote.  If you would like to speak to a member of our specialist dipping team then why not give us a call on 01202 622258 today and get the ball rolling.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on the end result. Once you are happy with the quote, just send us your stock and we will do the rest. Still not sure? Just check out these pictures of some rifle camo from our gallery.