Customised disc rotors for a Beautiful TV stunt Star!

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When a beautiful film star demands a customised wheel hub, there is surely no better number to call than the hotline leading directly to Wicked Coatings…  As no stranger to a high end request for something unique we were certainly game for the challenge!

Ewa Pieniakowska is a Polish television and stunt double celebrity with particular fame for being the first ever female to take part in a European motorcycle stunt competition. She is also exceptionally beautiful and not adverse to some rough and tumble with a motorcycle given her history as a stunt double in film. Altogether a pretty enticing prospect for a hydrographics specialist..

We were delighted to work in partnership with the world-leading brake specialist,  EBC brakes, to provide an incredible colour option for their already cult-status stainless steel “EBC Vee-Rotors” that had caught Ewa’s eye.

EBC “Vee-Rotors” are fully floating designed light weight profile disc rotors that feature a patented SD System hardware. Although these little beauties come in black as standard, the kind folk at EBC offered to inject something a little different for Ewa Pieniakowska to ensure that her wheel hubs were nothing short of spectacular! In order to fulfill on such a promise, Hydro dipping expert Wicked Coatings were drafted in to bring their hydrographics expertise to the table…

THE RESULT? Some pretty sexy custom made pink “Vee Rotors” that have been embraced by the stunning Ewa as “sweet” and something to be displayed with pride at the February London Bike Show! With a little precision and a handy allen key, these heat treated and tempered “Vee Rotors” can be easily installed in the sanctity of your own garage – providing a vibrant face lift for your bike in a matter of minutes.

And the great news is there is no need for a CELEBRITY BUDGET! These EBC “Vee Rotors” can be customised by Wicked Coatings at an affordable price, providing a long term vibrancy of colour and leaving bike enthusiasts with no excuse to look anything other than dazzling on the road this Summer!

Interested in something a little wild? Perhaps it’s time to break from the norm and give the experts of cool a call on 01202 622258. Life is too short to blend in with the crowd – contact us today to make a break from the ordinary and establish your own persona on the road.