Prestige Automotive – Custom Carbon Fibre

Give your car that exclusive feel and stand out from the crowds with a carbon fibre dipping customisation!
Carbon fibre parts are an increasingly popular choice for Prestige and Show Car owners. Wicked Coatings are specialists in custom carbon fibre dipping, also commonly known as hydrographics, water transfer printing and less commonly known as cubic printing. We can customise parts and components such as alloys, grills, wing mirrors, dashes, door trims and much, much more, using cubic printing methods, all at competitive prices.

We have numerous patterns to choose from. Not sure which custom coating you want? Check out our extensive range of carbon fibre patterns for ideas. Cubic printing is the ultimate customisation.

Soft Touch Paint for Interiors

Wicked Coatings are the official UK distributors of Honky‘s Soft Touch paint. This unique paint can transform almost any surface into a luxurious smooth finish, ideal for use on car interiors enhancing sleekness and durability.   So if you want to personally customise any part of your vehicle, look no further. Wicked Coatings bring the best in hydrographic printing, coupled with an expert hand in painting, to deliver a custom enhancement to your vehicle, without compromise! See how the hydro dipping process is carried out and see the AMAZING results in our carbon fibre gallery. Call us today on 01202 622258 or drop us an email and get a free no obligation quote; you’ll be surprised at how affordable this amazing technology is.