Custom Car Dashboards

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A customised dashboard will give your motor an instant facelift and totally change the look and feel of your interior.  Great news if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full auto makeover!

At Wicked HQ we have been turning out custom auto dashboards since the company began and they get sweeter each year with more choice, different finishes and a great customer gallery to help get you started with ideas.

Choose from any number of awesome water transfer effects such as ever popular carbon fibre, traditional wood grain or something more unusual such as animal skin, or even a metal or camo effect..

To help you play around with some ideas, our new Website has recently been launched with an awesome new tool to design your own custom car dashboard. Simply hover over the example dashboard on the page and then browse through the  huge selection of patterns before selecting the one you like – hey presto! Your design will come to life before your eyes! This great new demo tool is allowing customers to really “try before they buy” to make sure that they are happy with the effect before an order is placed.

So if you feel like something new for 2016 why not consider an eye catching new dashboard for your motor. It won’t break the bank but it certainly will impress whoever’s in the passenger seat this year!

Have questions? No problem – just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 2016 is going to be a hot year for new designs so make sure you have something to add to the party next time you go to a meet or rally!!