Cubic Printing: 3 Things You Need To Know

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The world is changing as we know it. Well at least in the world of cubic printing! In the last five years this whole scene, which is often known as 3D hydrographics or water transfer printing, has been taking the UK by storm. Wicked Coatings has established themselves as the UK’s leading cubic printing specialists based in Dorset and have been printing on items that would not have been possible 5 years ago.

This specialism in 3D hydrographics, teamed up with our trusted distribution partners, creates a business platform which is suited to any customer, from individual items, right up to high volume commercial orders numbering in the thousands.

We thought we might take this opportunity to tell you why we think this industry is so important and how it differs from your standard print options:

  1. Affordability – Got a car part you need spray painting but haven’t had it done because you are worried about the cost? Wicked coatings can use our 3D hydrographics expertise to have your part finished to very high standard at a fraction of the cost. Click here to see a video of us cubic printing some Xbox controllers. Once you start dipping with us, you won’t be able to stop!
  2. No limit to size or type – we literally cubic print on anything! While you are reading this, look at any item in the room you are in – we can coat it! It is that simple. Wood, glass, plastic metal; it is all possible. Size isn’t an issue either. Big or small, we do it all. Why not change your kitchens cabinets to Carbon Fibre? Yes, you really can! Just call us on 01202 622258.
  3. Durability – we provide coatings to the aviation, maritime and automotive industries, so our products have to be able to cope with anything that is thrown at them. That is why, when you ask Wicked Coatings to customise your items, they are treated with the same skill, expertise and attention to detail that would be shown to a jet aircraft or supercar.

So, there we have it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click here to visit our home page.

Wicked Coatings is truly passionate about customisation and the team here is dedicated to providing a cost effective yet stunning cubic printing service and custom paint spraying service for our loyal customers. We are delighted to have a large customer base of repeat business which we is proving to grow in force each month!