Carbon dipped Volkswagon T4 Picture’s

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Carbon dipping large parts……Yes We can!!

Hi everyone! If you need large items dipped, in carbon, camo or any other of our designs you have come to the right place. Finally we have uploaded the pic’s of the VW T4 bonnet we carbon dipped last week. We have used a black base colour with a high gloss finish, and although i say it myself, this carbon dipped bonnet looks awesome. Check out our carbon dipping gallery now!!

Also be sure to check out our computer gallery, new pic’s uploaded of a carbon dipped/reeper dipped nintendo ds. Wicked stuff!!!

Update  14/02/2012….We are carbon dipping another Vw T4 bonnet. After the last carbon dipped bonnet we completed, people were very impressed! It generated lots of interest, we have had many enquiries about carbon dipping on bonnets and other large items. We had been waiting for confirmation on dipping of a bonnet or larger item….then it came, carbon on another VW T4 bonnet.

Here at Wicked Coatings the  UK no.1 dipping specialist we have one of the largest dipping tanks in the U.K. It measure 2.25 metres x 1.25 metres, sow we can dip very large items. As far as we are aware nobody in the country has a tank of this huge size, so here is 1 more reason to get in touch and have your dipping needs taken care of by Wicked Coatings.

We will add images of the carbon dipped bonnet and other items that we have  carbon dipped in the near future, also be sure to check out our new customers gallery for the pictures our customers have provided once they have fitted their dipped parts back together, as alway watch this space, the home of quality hydrographics….. Wicked stuff happens right here!