Lewis makes history with the Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid

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Another thrilling F1 season has come to an end and with an extremely satisfying result for lovers of British motorsport! There may be a certain level of controversy surrounding Lewis Hamilton ( the diamond earrings are inexcusable) but this guy has now accomplished what he set out to do – not just once but TWICE. And let’s face it – no one can take that away from him.

Followers of F1 will know that a successful racing driver has to have guts, stamina and a certain amount of arrogance. At Wicked HQ, we have been following Lewis’ career from the start and it would appear that he doesn’t fall short in any one of these categories. It’s hard not to admire him for that. Everyone loves a winner.

But what about the car? The Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid is a thing of beauty. A sleek bullet of carbon fibre composite fired up by a 1.6 litre V6 turbo charged engine. This car has achieved 16 victories in a single F1 season – that’s pretty impressive and a statistic that makes the machine the most dominant car in F1 history. This is what happens when the rule book is adjusted to encourage rather than restrict new technology. Long may this continue in our opinion. So let’s take a look at some specifications for the F1 W05 Hybrid:

  • Moulded carbon fibre structure
  • Carbon fibre composite bodywork
  • Eight speed gearbox with carbon fibre maincase
  • Carbon fibre wishbone front and rear suspension

That’s a whole lot of carbon fibre in the space of 4.6 metres – making the car not only lightning fast, but exceptionally good looking too. With F1 success comes a mighty and limitless budget – but without a Saturday night jackpot win – that puts the majority of us out of the running for a genuine carbon fibre finish. Not to mention some quality time with the lead singer of the Pussy Cat dolls… As specialists in hydro dipping – with a specific expertise in carbon dipping – we are always keen to point out majestic examples of the real thing to our customers – but with a view to demonstrate how quickly and economically a carbon fibre effect can be produced by our team of dipping professionals.

So what is a man on a budget to do… Well – we are delighted to reveal that a carbon fibre effect interior or exterior is not purely in the realms of the super rich and famous! The process of hydro dipping – also known as hydrographics or water transfer printing – is a fantastic and affordable way to transform the appearance of a huge number of components – from dashboards and wheel rims to wing mirrors and engine bays.

If you haven’t tried it then see what our customers have to say about the results they have enjoyed from our carbon dipping services.  It’s not often that an affordable technique can actually blow you away with an expensive looking and consistently credible end result. But in this case – the testimonials of our past clients are proof enough that an incredible carbon fibre finish can be yours for a mere fraction of the price of the genuine composite.

As frequent guests on the now legendary Wheeler Dealers series, our professional carbon dipping techniques have been recognised in the highest circles of customisation. If you are interested in knowing more about carbon dipping or have a specific project in mind then get in touch or call us today on 01202 622258.