Carbon dipping and so much more

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Hot news from Wicked Coatings, the UK’s no1 custom dipping company.

We have had a very busy fortnight, with many customers taking advantage of our carbon dipping offer in January, and due to us extending the booking period through out february so long as we had quoted on the dipping (carbon) in january. You will see if you look in our carbon dipping gallery that we have added many new images of the latest items carbon dipped here at Wicked Coatings.  From a carbon dipped crossbow to a Ford Focus RS cosworth that we fully carbon dipped the engine bay on, you’ll see we have been very busy!

We have made many changes to our website the last 2 weeks, simplifying the range of patterns we list for carbon dipping and adding and removing  patterns to other categories. We have also started to add more information in regards to film width and the most suitable base colour to use, for example if you go to you will see that pattern is 60cm wide, a black carbon dipping weave and is best used on lighter colours.

We are making preperation for adding E-commerce to our website, and will be offering D.I.Y kits for the home customiser, so come to Wicked Coatings should you wish to try carbon dipping, or dipping any other pattern yourself.

Other hot news is Wicked Coatings registering on many vehicle forums. We offer great discount for our dipping on them…. If you happen to be a member on any of them then be sure to take advantage of the discounts we offer on them, many people are booking there carbon dipping on these, and saving lots of money.

We have had a huge amount of interest, and record clicks on our site, mainly due to carbon dip.  Huge thanks to all our customers for this, be sure to check back frequently to see our ever expanding galleries, especially our carbon dipping gallery.