Dean Whiting – Carbon fibre dipped leg brace

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Following some essential surgery to my leg I unfortunately was left with some nerve damage and subsequent foot drop. This meant that I had to be fitted with a special brace which would support my foot and allow me to walk.
Although the brace ordered was carbon fibre, when it arrived I was disappointed to see that it was navy in colour and not at all ‘cool’ looking!! Not great when I have to wear it every day for the rest of my days!!

Having watched a programme on TV that featured the services of Wicked Coatings I contacted them to see if they could ‘pimp’ my brace and make it at least look a little like the traditional image we all think of when we imagine carbon fibre (shiny and sleek).

The service that I received was simply amazing. From my very first contact with the team, they couldn’t have done more for me. When I explained that my brace was essential to my walking they made me feel like I was a priority and my brace was transformed in just a couple of days.
When it arrived and my wife and I unwrapped it, we couldn’t believe it was the same brace! It looks amazing and now makes me feel much more at ease with having to wear it everyday because it’s so much cooler!!!

I can’t thank you all enough.


Dean Whiting