Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Low Cost, Quality Result

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment With Wicked CoatingsCarbon Dipped Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

How many times have you tried to park your car next to a curb and scuffed a little off of your beloved shiny alloys? How annoying is it when you have 3 wheels that look superb, but one scuffed alloy lets the whole car down?! Wicked Coatings are specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment. We see plenty of customers who are fed up with looking at curbed alloys, or that nasty corrosion that sometimes sets in and turns wheels into blistered, peeling eyesores! Maybe, like many of our customers, you’re just plain bored of your wheels and fancy something a little different; something that’ll get everyone staring at your car with envy. Lets face it, if you have awesome looking rims, it can completely transform the entire look of your car.

Total Customisation

Wicked Coatings don’t just refurbish alloys, we can completely customise them into pretty much any pattern you can think of. If you have an idea in your head and we don’t list a pattern that’s similar on our website, we’ll make it our mission to deliver something that will exceed your expectations. We specialise in carbon dipping; a method which uses specialist dipping techniques, films and equipment to customise pretty much any 2D or 3D object. The results are truly amazing. Check out our alloy wheel refurbishment gallery to see some of our work.

Why Choose Wicked Coatings for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Our customers have been blown away by the excellent standard of our work and the attention to detail that we always deliver – see our testimonials to find out what our clients say about us. We know we’re a little OCD about our standards, but that’s what makes us one of the leading carbon dipping specialists in the entire country; and that’s why our customers keep coming back and recommending us to friends, over and over again.

How Much Does It Cost?

Alloy wheel refurbishment and customisation has never been more accessible. Carbon dipping is a fairly new technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. We can cater for most budgets and our prices start from as little as £60 per alloy and £240 per set. You just drop off your wheels and leave the rest to us. If you’re thinking of a total customisation for your wheels, you simply choose a base coat, pick a pattern, and select which finish you want and the next time you see your wheels you won’t believe your eyes! Contact Wicked Coatings today to find out how we can transform your alloys.

Wicked Coatings VouchersWicked Coatings Gift Vouchers

We’ve just launched our new gift vouchers too, just in time for Christmas. What a fantastic gift for your partner, son, daughter, friend or anyone who’s interested in customisation. Just order your vouchers on-line and once your order has been processed we will email your electronic gift voucher immediately to you (don’t forget to check your spam folder). Vouchers come in various amounts and are fully redeemable against all of our products. Terms and conditions apply.