Wicked Coatings Receives Accreditation From The British Franchise Association

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As with most things in life, the franchise industry can be divided into the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

Many potential franchisees need guidance – and they need to have trust in a recognised, standards driven organisation that can confidently direct them towards the ethical brands operating in the franchising sector.

We want anyone who is considering the considerable merits of a Wicked Coatings franchise to have utter peace of mind when it comes to our proposition. This is why we have followed the correct guidelines and procedures from the very beginning of our franchise journey.

As recognition of this commitment, we have now received accreditation from the British Franchise Association which will offer  complete reassurance to all potential franchisees. Established in 1977, The British Franchise Association tests franchisors against a number of strict criteria to ensure they are suitable to achieve accredited status.

Having been shortlisted as one of the most successful businesses in Britain following a 2015 SCOOT headline nomination, we are extremely confident in the quality of our franchise offering. With accreditation from the British Franchise Association now under our belt, franchisees can be have equal confidence in our approved status as an ethical franchisor.

Please give us a call on 01202 622258 if you would like to know more about a Wicked Coatings franchise or contact us today.