A touch of personality added to a Porsche GT4

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Inspired to imprint his personality on his Porsche GT4, Phi-Hung Nguyen approached Wicked Coatings to help design and create a more modified, custom finish with hydrographics. The result was better than he had ever imagined.

“The result of the carbon finish on all the parts and particularly visible on the rear wing is just outstanding, incredible, awesome, and stunning. I was speechless when I saw them mounted on my GT4, and so was my Porsche dealer when I stopped-by to show him the car,” praised Phi-Hung.

As a self-confessed Porsche addict, Phi-Hung wanted to create a balance between a beautiful, sporty and classy look, without it looking too much, but also wanted to distinguish it amongst other GT4s. Wicked Coatings helped Phi-Hung achieve his dream, producing high-quality carbon design for the Porsche.

Phi-Hung had a very clear idea about what he wanted to achieve: “One of my best reference was the awesome look of the limited edition 911 type 997 GT3 RS 4.0 (from 2011), which inspired me for my GT4, but I wanted to tailor the stripe colours to match with other elements of my GT4, such as the rims in satin platinum.

“As a high-tech geek and due to the racing DNA of the GT4, it was mandatory for me to spec it with the light carbon bucket seats and interior carbon package. For the exterior, I found it a pity that the big rear spoiler did not keep the carbon look, as well as the black plastic elements, such as the rear diffusor, the front lip, the air inlets around the blinking lights which look ‘cheap’ on such a car. However, I knew that turning all those elements to true carbon, would not be affordable for me, but I definitely wanted them to have a carbon finish.”

With a plan to create a carbon-look, Phi-Hung approached his custom garage to wrap the parts with carbon foil. He was told that there was no guarantee of the result, because of the rough surface of the plastic.

That is when Phi-Hung learnt about dip coating. Forum members voiced mixed opinions on the reliability of the finished product, but then Phi-Hung came across Wicked Coatings: “I was immediately impressed by the clarity and quality of the process explanations on their website and by all the positive user’s comments on several internet forums.

“Although I live in The Netherlands, I wanted to only use Wicked Coatings and no one else. That said, like St Thomas I definitely only believe what I can see and touch, so first, I shipped the internal doorsills as a test. Result? I could not believe the fantastic result in terms of look and quality when I had them back.”

Phi-Hung was so impressed with the results, he sent a second batch of parts to Wicked Coatings and is overjoyed by the end look: “The result is such an added value to the look of the car. Unless I tell people, nobody could guess that the parts are not in true carbon, even at my dealership. Finally, I must say that this is by far the best result/quality/cost ratio. My main costs were workmanship for dismounting/remounting the elements. I am now even considering processing few more parts which are not necessarily visible at first sight…”