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In 2014, Wicked Coatings is teamed up with Mahi Racing as their official partner for the World Superbike and World Supersport Championships. As India’s first and only WSS bike team we are extremely proud to be sponsoring Mahi Racing and look forward to seeing the boys in action throughout this exciting season.


With 39 career podiums and a  Supersport World Championship title from 2002, Fabien Foret is making a real impact on the Supersport community and is bringing an unrivaled pedigree to the Mahi Kawasaki Race Team.

Kenan Sofouglu has made no secret of the fact that his focus is on the World Champion Supersport title this season, on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. As the darling of Turkish motorcycle circles, he is the only rider to have won three WSS titles as well as the most race wins.


We have published the latest results and summary for each race as it happened!


Mahi Kawasaki – Portimao Test – 19th/20th January 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Phillip Island – Official SBK Test – 17th January 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Phillip Island – Free Practice Sessions 1 & 2 – 21st February 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Phillip Island Races – 21st – 23rd February 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Aragon Pre Race Preview – 11th April 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – FP1 & FP2 Motorland Aragon – 12th April 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Aragon Race – 13th April 2014

Mahi Kawasaki – Donington Park – 25th May 2014


We have carbon dipped the frames, seat units and rear swing arms of these bikes with our specially designed and secret in-house carbon!

Team Reloaded | Peter Walters

As well as specialising in the creation of sensational race car paint designs, Peter runs a super charged 1000hp dragster in the European drag race series.  Since we love the drag scene here at Wicked HQ and didnt want to pass up a great opportunity to get involved – we have carbon dipped numerous parts on Peter’s car and given it an incredible makeover! Images to be published shortly so stay tuned to this page..
Don’t forget to “like” the Team Reloaded Facebook page to show your support!



Quattro Plant Bike By Wicked Coatings

Following on from our sponsorship of the Quattro Plant Kawasaki race team in 2013, we are delighted to stay onboard as the Official Paint Partners for this outstanding team during the 2014 season.
With a brand new paint scheme for this Kawasaki ZX 10R and the support of Muc Off as a new sponsor, 2014 promises to be a sizzling year for this talented team.

Michael Habicht | Racing in SEGTO Specials

Autograss racing is probably the biggest form of amateur racing in the country and takes place on natural surfaces – stirring up a whole lot of mud and grass to add to the fun! Held at venues throughout Britain, the SEGTO Specials are known also as an Autograss Class 8 by the Nasa organisation.

Michael Habicht will be experiencing his first ever season in the Specials this year but is certainly no stranger to success having raced 1450 hotrods to become a 4 time SEGTO champion in 2003, 2004, 2010 and 2012!

Michael will be racing a very quick car in the Specials – 185bhp weighing in at 520 kilos including the driver and featuring a standard hayabusa engine. Providing the mechanical grip is there, this car can pull spectacular wheelies!

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